"These paintings of doughnuts and liquorice allsorts and other candies continue the artist’s ongoing interest in popular culture and in the conventions of contemporary and pre-modernist realist painting, particularly those specific to the still-life genre."


"Rampant consumerism and materialism occupy the heart of these paintings that ultimately reflect the values of a particular time and place."

George Harris Curator, Two Rivers Art Gallery


“...I am neither a painter nor an art critic. As a layman, I can only report that, when I first laid eyes on Hall’s work, I immediately realized: “Now here’s an artist!”
Ken McGoogan


“I believe an argument can be made... for assigning meaning to ordinary and usually overlooked aspects
of daily life.”
 John Hall


“Active surface notation, usually (used) in the service of emotional expression or decoration,
and pictorial distortion, also used for the same reasons, are the qualities (my) paintings avoid.”
John Hall


“The repetition of shapes, colours and textures in complex patterns occasionally results in seemingly absurd groupings of unrelated objects.”

John Hall


"In just such a sense is Hall the maker of an epic, ongoing autobiography of taste and (subsequent) meaning."

Gary Michael Dault


"In such marvellous works as Long Island Sunset (1979)—a key work in the history of modern Canadian painting — Hall pressed his formal and cultural preoccupations to the limit, while wholly engaging the frustration and rage, hope and alienation of being John Hall in New York."

John Bentley Mays